Initial consulation

The key starting point to all of our packages, but also available on a stand-alone basis if you're not yet sure how we can best support you. We will look at your history in the sport, current performance, future goals, and relationship with the support network around you. We'll then prepare a comprehensive report detailing what we can offer, and how this may benefit your performance. You'll be an integral part of this process, there is no 'one size fits all' approach and we want to craft any intervention or support package around your unique individual requirements.

One-off race weekend assessment

An intensive assessment which involves us attending a race weekend in an observational capacity. We want to see exactly how you perform under the pressure of competition, what mental skills you may already be using, how you are supported in your team environment and the interaction with your social support networks. We'll also look at how your weekend logistics are structured to enable you to perform when it counts. Following all of this, we'll provide you with a detailed review of where we think there may be opportunity to apply mental skills to improve your performance, which we'll then be able to train you in if required.

We offer a range of 'off the shelf' race support packages to act as a guide, but are always happy to construct a bespoke product to suit your individual requirements. Our pricing is structured to suit every budget, no matter what level you compete at.


Full season distance/e-consulation support

After an initial consultation to assess your goals and requirements, we'll be on-hand to support you for the full season via regular email and phone/video conference contact. We'll work with you in between races to assess what went well, what could be improved, and how to implement key mental skills and performance strategies before your next race. We'll build up a detailed series of case notes over the course of the season, which can then be reviewed on a regular basis to identify strengths, weaknesses and any key trends which can be tracked to aid in your progression as a driver.

Full season in-competition support

We know from our experience with elite athletes that the competition zone is where it counts, and unfortunately also the point when unforeseen challenges can occur. As well as all of the season-long services detailed above in our e-consulation package, we'll also attend race weekends with you and be on hand to provide a dedicated point of contact with the sole focus of ensuring that you are performing at your best. Examples of some of the mental skills you may use in competition are:

  • Structured and dynamic goal setting over the course of a race weekend

  • Pre-performance routines, incorporating scripted mental imagery

  • Positive self-talk and 'cue' words

  • Re-focusing strategies to recover after mistakes/unexpected setbacks

As with all of our packages, this is devised with your requirements as a main priority. Through our experience in motorsport we know how busy a race weekend can be, and how there are a host of distracting factors all vying for attention at any given moment. Our consultation time with you will be worked around your team's operational procedures, to ensure that our presence is as unobtrusive as possible, and causes no disruption. We'll be on hand to ensure that you're applying the mental skills you've mastered outside of the race weekend to ensure that every time you hit the track, you're in your individual zone of optimal performance. Anything else that you require as an individual athlete can be worked into this package, whether that includes specific mental skills training or simply just someone to take over small tasks at a race meeting and enable you to only focus on what counts.

Off-season/winter package

We'll review your previous season as part of our initial consultation (unless we've already supported you over the season, in which case we'll have your case notes from every race already), and then focus on key areas that benefit from some in-depth attention outside of the competitive season. We'll carry out a thorough re-assessment of your short, medium and long term goals, and utilize the time available in the off-season to really concentrate on areas that will deliver the most useful performance gains for you at the onset of the new season. Whether you are progressing and transitioning to a new formula in the coming year, or remaining where you are for a further season; this package is equally as useful for both scenarios.

Team/group-based workshops

We don't only work with drivers on a one-to-one basis, and are happy to arrange sessions for groups of drivers or team members accordingly. In a competitive team setting there are many relationships that can impact upon performance, however the driver-engineer working relationship is seen to be most crucial, particularly as drivers advance up the motorsport ladder and technical feedback becomes ever more important. Race engineers often become a drivers' main point of contact over the course of a race weekend, and there are some situations where it is not possible for support staff such as ourselves to deliver information. In this instance, we offer sessions to race engineers to deliver a moderated form of sport psychology service, as the first points of contact for the driver in crucial, often pressurised situations.


- Lab-based fitness testing

- Training camps

- Dedicated simulator sessions

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