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Since 1958, the Monoposto Racing Club has been providing cost-effective racing, and now, 60 years later, is the largest single seater club in the UK; regularly putting out capacity grids. The aim of the Club is to organise low cost single seater racing, with a friendly atmosphere in the paddock, and respectful, competitive racing. 


To control costs the Monoposto Championship is for cars which are at least four years old. Depreciation is a crippling cost in many categories of motor racing because the pace of development means that the very latest designs are essential for success. Monoposto Racing Club rules are specifically framed to prevent this from happening. Frequently, a car may be raced for several seasons or even several decades and show zero depreciation when sold. Furthermore, the class structure is such that a wide variety of cars can compete on equal terms.

130R Performance have been proud to sponsor the Monoposto Driver of the Day award since 2018. The trophy is given out to recognise combative drives or those who have overcome race weekend adversity, with positions gained from qualifying to the race being one of the main criteria for receiving the prize.


With a nine-round calendar on some of the UKs top circuits, we believe Monoposto represents a fantastic opportunity for young drivers to develop the key skills required to race single seaters in a multi-class and cost-controlled environment. Whether a driver is aiming to begin their journey on the junior motorsport career ladder, or simply hone their race skills in a competitive yet friendly paddock, Monoposto is an accessible championship that offers something for everyone.

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Richard Towler

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