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Trail running & orienteering

Designed with motorsport in mind, testing your ability to make fast decisions and implement strategy under fatigue, as well as providing an endurance workout.


Open water swimming

Whether a first time or experienced OW swimmer, you'll be able to enjoy training in crystal clear water in a safe, structured environment (wetsuits provided).

Core Exercise

Motorsport specific S&C

Varied sessions incorporating training drills in balance, proprioception and core stability relevant to motorsport performance.

Healthy Food

Performance-based nutrition

Taking meal-planning out of your hands and ensuring that your fuelling and recovery is fully tailored to the week's challenges.


Road cycling

Utilising nearby roads with stunning scenery to provide endurance training as well as the mental benefits of training in the outdoor environment.

Sports Injury

Sport massage

Evening sessions to aid recovery, alongside a selection of optional workshops in mental skills training, sponsorship acquisition and career planning.


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