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New partnership with Scuderia Fern offers affordable path to F3 level racing

Amid all the current talk around a lack of affordable routes into motorsport for young drivers (particularly single seaters) we're delighted to announce a partnership with Scuderia Fern Racing for the 2022 season and beyond.

The Warminster-based Monoposto Formula 3 class champions will make their Dallara F301 car available for the 2022 racing season, as well as expanding their race weekend operation to run an additional RF95 Van Diemen Formula Ford car in the Mono 1800 engine class. Both will be available for hire on a full 'arrive and drive' basis, with pre-season testing packages also available where required. The team also have another F3-class car currently being prepared which we hope to see toward the second half of next season, and will be bringing you more information on this in due course.

During three seasons competing with Monoposto, Scuderia Fern Racing have made it their aim to provide an environment for development where young and/or aspiring motorsport engineers can gain applied race team experience in the F3 class. These established supportive surroundings will be an asset in enabling drivers to work with the team and achieve their individual performance goals, whether that is eventual progression elsewhere or remaining with Scuderia Fern as they continue to grow. Furthermore, with access to both Formula Ford and F3 machinery the team are able to offer a unique tiered approach to driver progression. The ultimate aim is to create an academy structure offering drivers the option to step up from Formula Ford right into Formula 3 in one team setting; all at a tiny fraction of the cost of a season in a 'headline' national single seat series.

“Motorsport is my heart and passion, and we’re excited to offer this opportunity for a driver to run a season in either the F3 or Formula Ford. Having driven the F301 myself for the last three seasons, I can attest to the fact that it is a fantastic race car which really lets you push and feel the downforce effect through fast corners.

It’s an accessible machine, yet equally one that you can grab by the scruff of its neck and take right to the limit if you have the experience. I’ve enjoyed the feeling of achievement in winning races in Monoposto’s F3 class over the last few years, and can’t wait to see someone else doing so in a car that we’ve prepared."

- Lee Fern, driver and team owner

Alongside the preparation knowledge of a championship winning team, our drivers will benefit from dedicated race weekend and season-long support from 130R Performance. With expertise in elite athlete transitions and both karting and car-based motorsport, we’ll ensure that they are provided with all the tools to learn, progress, and develop at their own pace; whatever their season performance and overall career goals may be.

"The Van Diemen RF95 is an accessible race car, perfect for drivers progressing from karting who need to learn the fundamentals of mechanical grip and weight transfer. Equally, the Dallara F301 chassis is still contemporary enough to provide relevant speed progression, FIA safety standards, and a platform to develop the precision and key skills required for single seat race craft, and all at a relatively affordable and realistic price. We’ve already had significant early interest from drivers planning their 2022 seasons, which demonstrates that there’s a clear market for a more affordable route to racing single seaters, yet one that’s still conducted in a meticulous and professional environment with a holistic approach to skill development.

We see this as a fantastic opportunity for a young driver who may be aspiring to enter single seat racing on the nationally recognised F4 to GB3 progression path, but does not have access to the large budgets required for these series."

- Matthew Swindells, 130R Performance

For further details on pricing and availability for either testing or racing with the team for the 2022 season, please get in touch via our contact section, or email Scuderia Fern directly at For further information on the race team please see their dedicated website or follow them on social media via the @scuderiafernracing handle.

All photos by Sprite Photography


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