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Built by athletes, for athletes. Announcing new track side equipment partner: Kitbrix

This season, we’ve made the Kitbrix bag a standard piece of equipment for all drivers we're working with. Originally designed by and for triathletes, with a military inspiration in organisation and modular packing; we’ve found the bags to be the perfect item of kit for track side use.

Participating in motorsport necessitates the carrying and care of a lot of personal safety equipment. As well as the essentials of race suit, boots, gloves etc. drivers will have a number of spares on hand at race weekends to make life easier, allowing them to focus only on what counts... performing out on track. In addition to this you'll probably have all the usual paraphernalia essential to athletic performance, such as water bottles, nutrition supplements, cooling aids, and recovery/physio equipment to name just a few examples. This is particularly important when competing in endurance racing or extreme climatic environments which may be different to how you train and race at home.

Taking the time to be organised and compartmentalise your race gear means that whatever happens over the course of the event, always having the correct kit to hand is one component of a busy weekend you have full control over; and therefore crucially don't have to devote any additional head space to. No matter what level you compete at, in motorsport pit lane or track side organisation and efficiency can often be crucial performance differentiates.

Photo: Jakob Ebrey

Since using the Kitbrix with triathletes at races and training sessions, we’ve been convinced that it would also have perfect application within a motorsport environment. The bag sits on a robust box-like base with the sides standing strong, meaning you can quickly see all your kit laid out without having to rummage. The rugged and water resistant materials protect your gear against the elements, meaning you won't have to worry about leaving items out in an assembly area or pit wall environment when away from the shelter of the team garage.

In using the bags with drivers the feedback received is that they are a big help in making pre-race preparation stress-free, keeping grid set up smooth, and race day morning calm. It also helps your mechanics and family to know where everything is and support you quickly and efficiently without fumbling. The rugged construction also means it's easy to keep clean, and can simply be hosed down with your bike, race car, or any other vehicle to hand!

The bags have space for all of your race kit (not quite the helmet… but you’ll have a manufacturer provided bag for that anyway, right?) as well as all those essential and ancillary items such as drinks, gels, headphones, spare visors, and anything else you may need to hand to enable your comfort and best performance over the course of a race weekend. A multitude of pockets, zipped compartments and webbing inside and out lets you organise kit exactly where you need it to be quickly accessible in the event of a sudden change or rushed call to the grid. A transparent pocket inside the top lid also gives scope to compile your own printed race weekend checklist or motivational mantra, to be placed inside for easy visibility throughout the course of a busy race day.

In addition to the driver’s kit, we’ve also found the bags to be perfect for mechanics who need to take tools such as tyre pressure gauges into the assembly area. As the mechanic is often the only point of contact for a driver after the assembly call, they're often responsible for the driver’s grid essentials anyway, with the bags being easy to carry and organise accordingly. They can also then be on hand to provide the usual trio of towel, cold drink and sponsor-branded cap when meeting up with the driver again in parc ferme.

On the move? The bags are uniquely easy to transport and organise, due to the fact that they can also cleverly be zipped together to double the capacity and form a rucksack with the included shoulder strap accessory. Kitbrix are also compliant with most current hand baggage size dimensions in the format of either one or two bags zipped together, for the ultimate travel versatility. Finally, custom icons are available to ensure you’re on brand with matching sponsor or team kit colours if travelling to an event!

Stay tuned here and on our social media channels for some more specific BTS content on how drivers (and teams) are using Kitbrix to aid their organisation and travel later this season. In the meantime, head over to the website and explore the range of Kitbrix products to help you keep it together at the racetrack, or anywhere else.

All photos: Sprite Photography (unless otherwise credited)


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